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It is a natural fiber of vegetable origin obtained from the Cotton plant. The quality depends on the purity and brightness, on the color, on how thin it is and especially on the length of the fibers, therefore, the more the fiber, the finer, more resistant and regular the yarn will be. Cotton produces a very soft, fresh, flexible and breathable fabric. It is very resistant and can be used daily because it resists repeated washing.

Recycled Cotton

Regenerated cotton is obtained through the complete recycling of processing waste and other textile elements. These undergo a manufacturing process, called a regenerated cycle, in which they are worked in such a way as to obtain a completely new fabric, to which a part of reinforcing fibers are added.

  • Many liters of water are saved

  • Textile waste is recycled, which does not become waste and can be used again

  • The use of pesticides and chemicals used during production is significantly reduced

  • The local economy is supported



Polyester is a very resistant and elastic material, stain and water repellent. It resists many washing cycles without deformation or shrinkage problems and the colors do not alter even when exposed to direct sunlight. It does not require ironing and dries very quickly, which is why we can also consider it as an ecological material.