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Purchasing methods

Ordering products

The essential characteristics and the prices of the products are in every product offer. If the customer has never purchased on the website, the customer registration form must be filled out, in other cases insertion of the access keys (e-mail and password) sent after the registration confirmation, is enough. For the product purchases, the customer has to respect the instructions found on the site and put the product in the cart. So, the customer can fill out the electronic order form.

Before sending the purchase order, the customer can correct possible mistakes, following the relevant modification procedure that the customer can find on the website. Especially, the client can modify the quantity of products he wants buy, adding or deleting one or more products in the cart.

The customer has to select the payment method and choose the option “send the order”, only after that the product selection is ended and, after having checked and accepted the General Terms, with particular attention to the delivery cost, to the right of withdrawal and to the Privacy Policy.

Sending the order, the customer accepts all the information acquired during the purchasing process and the General Terms, which is to be printed and kept, upon the completion of the online purchase procedure.

TOGNANA has the right to evaluate the acceptance of the orders received and it can communicate to the customer the possible non-acceptance of the orders received within 48 hours from the first working day after the sending of the purchase order to TOGNANA. In this case, Tognana will refund the amount already paid by the client.