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The Christmas collections for the home and the kitchen

Natale per la tua casa

The Tognana lines dedicated to Christmas are perfect to give sweet gifts to the people you love and create a magical atmosphere for your home. Warm colours, from the traditional red to the shining gold, and more northern tones like silver decorate the Christmas table with plates, mugs, cups, cutlery, glasses, stem glasses, and candles. Plus, many objects with hearts, animals, trees, and stars are the best way to wish a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sphera Collection

    Square double oven 30x22 Sphera

    Regular Price €116.10 Special Price €54.90
  2. Sphera Collection

    Oven round double cm 30 Sphera

    Regular Price €116.10 Special Price €39.90
  3. Mythos Collection

    Rond barbecue/grill 33x36cm Marble nero floatech

    Regular Price €44.70 Special Price €29.90
  4. Mythos Collection

    Barbecue/grill rett.cm30x52 Marble nero floatech

    Regular Price €83.40 Special Price €44.90
  5. Antony Collection

    24pcs cutlery set gift box Golden

    Regular Price €77.40 Special Price €53.40
  6. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Spring form cake pan cm 24 Gra-gri-bord.opaco

    Regular Price €28.30 Special Price €21.80
  7. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Lasagnera cm32x22x6 con coperchio

    Regular Price €27.30 Special Price €21.00
  8. Biancospino Collection

    Table set 18 pcs Biancospino

    Regular Price €116.20 Special Price €80.46
    Out of stock
  9. Grancucina Collection

    Rock in red - set 8 pcs Marble rosso+rosso hermes matt

    Regular Price €209.70 Special Price €104.00
  10. Tartan Dublino Collection

    Table cloth 35x50 Stripe ro/ve/be

    Regular Price €8.70 Special Price €4.02
  11. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Mould for 6 muffin Gra-gri-bord.opaco

    Regular Price €14.70 Special Price €11.30
  12. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Heart mould Gra-gri-bord.opaco

    Regular Price €12.50 Special Price €9.60
  13. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Lasagnera rettangolare cm 37x26x6

    Regular Price €21.80 Special Price €16.80
  14. Linea Montana

    Pot holder 18x18 Montana

    Regular Price €4.40 Special Price €1.80
  15. Linea Montana

    Set 2 cleaning cloth Verde

    Regular Price €10.60 Special Price €4.38
  16. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Set tortiera a cuore 24 cm + Spatola in silicone

    Regular Price €17.20 Special Price €11.00
  17. Tartan Dublino Collection

    Oven glove Tartan dublino

    Regular Price €7.70 Special Price €3.54
  18. Xmas Love Collection

    Pot holder 18x18 Xmas love

    Regular Price €4.40 Special Price €1.80
  19. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Set plumcake 23 x 13 cm + pennello in silicone

    Regular Price €17.40 Special Price €12.00
  20. Country Chic Collection

    Set pasta cm 22 multiuse Country chic diamond

    Regular Price €118.90 Special Price €74.00
  21. Linea Sweet Cherry

    Stampo muffin 12 cups cm 6 con coperchio

    Regular Price €29.10 Special Price €22.40
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The Christmas Table
Traditional, Nordic, or country inspiration to set the table for the holidays: create the right atmosphere with the plates, glasses, and cutlery by Tognana and Andrea Fontebasso!
Christmas cooking
Pots, pastry moulds, small functional accessories: with the right tools, the Christmas and New Year menus will be a piece of cake!
The elegance of the holidays
Make the home a special place for yourself and your guests, with the furnishing accessories designed by Andrea Fontebasso. Transparent vases, or gilded, red and in natural shades, perfect for every style choice!
Christmas tableware
Tablecloths, napkins, pot holders and so much more: discover all the Tognana and Andrea Fontebasso fabrics dedicated to Christmas and New Years. From the Nordic style to the country look, you will immediately find the perfect décor for your table!
Xmas atmosphere
Candles, vases and decorative items that hark back to the Italian tradition or to the legends of Northern Europe: let yourself be inspired by Father Christmas, elves, angels and so many other decorative accessories, in the classic red or in the brilliant shades of gold and silver!
Gift ideas
Lots of little Christmas gift ideas and more: mugs, candles, jewellery boxes and other holiday-themed cute gifts. Wish a Merry Christmas with Tognana and Andrea Fontebasso!