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Bring the flavour of your favourite TV series back home with our selections, inspired by your favourite TV series!
Make a minimum purchase in an entire category to receive our free bowls that are perfect for savoury items and small snacks to enjoy while watching TV:
49€ = 2 bowls
79€ = 4 bowls
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Jumbo mugs just like at Central Perk
and all you need to have a pizza with friends
Thai, Chinese or hamburgers?
Wherever you order, serve your food in style!
A slice of cake, scrambled eggs,
and maybe a little crispy bacon –
have you got all you need for an overseas breakfast?
From meatloaf to French fries
there's always time for food that makes us feel good!
A cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine?
Each time slot has its drink – choose the one that suits you!
From the orange to the Caponata, bring the most beloved
flavours of Italy's most famous Inspector to the table.
Cups and teapots for an oh-so elegant five o'clock tea –
no need to envy the royals!
Fancy a cocktail? Serve them up with the just the right style,
inspired by the retro lines of the 50s.